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Production Photos

Citizen Min, NM JACL, photo by the Gallup Independent

American Night: The Ballad of Juan Jose, Milago, photo by Russell J. Young

In the News

  • "Houghton, doubling as the meditation guru, puts on a comically blissed-out voice that guides meditators to see a sheep: “The sheep is the light. You are also the light. Baaaaaaaaa.” - Linda Ferguson, Willamette Week, May 2023
  • "Within the lively vignettes, Welch and Hyun Houghton delivered the evening’s strongest performances. The scene they shared as a couple on their third anniversary felt like the story's climax, and revealed a poignant portrait of two people navigating the difference between domestic stagnancy and tranquility.
  • Hyun Houghton’s featherlight between-scene character change from a charming and understanding Will to a skin-crawling Eddie, powerfully demonstrated why Welch and Mylan’s characters share a hypervigilant streak." - Andrew Janowski, Portland Mercury, February 2023, My Perfectly Valid Objects, Salt and Sage

  • "Heath Hyun Houghton threatens to steal the show in a brief bit as the Yee family’s revered Model Ancestor – with, in this case, a surprisingly sassy accent on the “model” part." - Marty Hughley, Oregon Arts Watch, November 2022, King of the Yees, Profile Theatre
  • "And Heath Hyun - well, I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just say I wish my ancestors were half that cool." - Krista Garver, Broadway World, November 2022, King of the Yees, Profile Theatre
  • "Houghton and Rogers are great fun to hiss as an insufferable pair of neighbors" - Amy Wang, The Oregonian, October 2019, Me...Jane, Oregon Children's Theatre
  • "The best part about HURL is the hurling matches. I gave up trying to understand the game and instead focused on the impressive choreography (especially since the theatre at New Expressive Works is tiny) and Heath Hyun Houghton's acrobatic talents." - Krista Garver, Broadway World, October 2018, Hurl, Corrib Theatre
  • "Houghton (who also portrays Chitra’s father, the king) is a natural comedian. He will delight audience members of all ages, but is a particular favorite among children." - Deann Welker, Oregon Arts Watch, 2018, Chitra the Girl Prince, NW Children's Theater and School
  • “Supporting players Clara-Liis Hillier and Heath Hyun Houghton both inject some humor into the whole morose proposition as Nick and Nora’s fellow assistants whose dedication to their jobs borders on pathological.” - Megan Burbank, The Portland Mercury, October 2016, Assistance, Theatre Vertigo
  • “Post5’s Lear shuffles the motives of the Goneril/Regan alliance and Edmund (Heath Hyun) and creates a compelling dynamic between the errant sisters. Edmund is still the regretful and angry illegitimate son of Gloucester, but his anger with nature is at the superstitious worship he sees all around him. His vanity and ego become the necessary arrogance to pull off his plot to work his way to the top of the aristocratic food chain. But, he’s no Machiavelli. There lies a great underscore to this staging – that Edmund is not a prince, and his failing is the result of conceit.” - Christa Morletti McIntyre, Oregon Arts Watch, 2016, King Lear, Post5 Theatre Company
  • “Al Jolson might be turning in his grave, but Samson Syharath (“Bun Foo”), Heath Hyun Houghton (“Ching Ho”), and Emily Sahler (“Mrs. Meers”) are utterly captivating in the hybrid “Muquin” – a curious synthesis of Chinese and English that gives “Mammy” a whole new spin.” - Tina Arth, Westside Theatre Reviews, 2015, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Broadway Rose Theatre
  • “Hamlet (Heath Hyun Houghton) has few scenes with rather spoiled, tantrum-prone Ophelia (a very funny Rebecca Ridenour), but when they meet, sparks fly” - Holly Johnson, The Oregonian/OregonLive, 2014, O Romeo, Milagro
  • “As her Japanese-American husband Ryu, Heath Hyun Houghton is equally adept at tracing the metamorphosis of his character from skeptical, joyless plastic surgeon to a liberated box-maker who thrives on lowered expectations.” Richard Wattenberg | For The Oregonian/OregonLive, 2014, Maple and Vine, CoHo Productions
  • “Nice touches, like Heath Houghton’s perpetual fretting as Petruchio’s friend and advisor Sophocles” -Leela Ginelle, PQ MONTHLY, 2013, The Tamer Tamed, Portland Shakespeare Project
  • “The intensity shoots up to the roof as soon as Heath Houghton bounds on stage. He's always one of those actors you have to watch, but he adds both an individual and a cohesive energy to this ensemble -- and he does a jump on his knees from the stage to the floor that will drop your quiche-filled jaw.” - William S. Kowinski, North Coast Journal, 2006, A Christmas Commedia, Sanctuary Stages
  • “the resourceful and affectionate Houghton” - ELLIN BELTZ, North Coast Journal, 2004, Enter the Guardsman, Redwood Curtain

Enjoy, CoHo Productions, photo by Brud Giles

Chitra: The Girl Prince, NWCTS, photo by David Kinder

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