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We sit together in a dark room and share in an experience that is deeply human.

Where stories offer glimpses into the whole wide world - every facet of our lives told in a slew of different styles. 


Full Length Plays

In Yeong Anning By the Sea (Developing)

Arctic (Pink and White) Migrations

Way Tight on the Brown Earth (Developing)

Night Breezes and the Ballerina

Short Plays

Coastal Deposits

Shooflies and Psilocybin

Maya Blue

Depo #1 M. Merian

Outside in America: identity, MiGoZine
A Korean American Sijo, circa 2021, MiGoZine

Julia Pastrana Appears Isolated in Warm Light (A Dramatic Poem), Pif Magazine

Poetry and Essays have also been published in The Pitkin Review, Spring Time Magazine, and Korea4Expats.

He contributed lyrics to albums by The Turnips (Stop Watch Time Drop) and Ultraviolet Hippopotamus (Background Music)

Content writer with The Universal Asian

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